Speciosum Competition

Ever wished that orchid show had been on last week or next week or you had a bigger vehicle to get your prize plant to the show?

Those who grow Dendrobium speciosum will be very familiar with this problem. Plants are generally large, flower spikes are long and heavy and it is difficult to get them to a show venue in pristine condition. Then if the show is judged early morning or at night (as most are) then it is highly likely that flowers will not be fully open or if they are then they will be past their prime. Unlike many orchids, speciosums are at their absolute best for only a few days.

With a view to increasing awareness of this spectacular species and promoting its cultivation through showcasing the cream of the crop, ANOS Mid North Coast Group will conduct a competition aimed at finding the best Dendrobium speciosums around.

The competition is open to everyone and entries will be through digital photos which can be submitted on CD or DVD.

For those who believe they have a good speciosum but have never had the chance to show it off at its best here is your chance. Best of all you won't have to take the plant to a show but it must have been photographed to show the 2013 calendar year flowering. You will be able to photograph your plants at their peak and should have no excuses for not getting the opportunity to show them in top condition.

It is expected that the competition will be judged by ANOS judges from across the country and a trophy will be awarded to the winning entry. Photos of the winning entry and other highly commended plants will be displayed at the 2014 Kempsey Speciosum Spectacular.

The owner of the winning plant will receive a trophy that will be presented at the Kempsey presentation dinner.

Those entering will receive a DVD of photos of all plants entered the cost of which will be covered by an entry fee of $5. Entries will close 1 st January 2014.

Entry Form

For further information contact
John Zietsch
Secretary, ANOS Mid North Coast
Email: anosmidnorthcoast@hotmail.com
Phone: 02 6554 9733



25 May 2013