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The Affiliated Societies Orchid of the Year Photographic Competition

The Affiliated Societies Orchid of the Year Photographic Competition is open to members of all OSNSW affiliated societies. The competition is to find the best orchids of the year exhibited at a show run by an affiliated society. Monthly meetings don't count! There will be $300 prize for the grower of the best hybrid orchid of the year, $300 for the grower of the best species orchid of the year and $300 for the best orchid exhibited by a novice/junior grower. There will also be a prize of $100 for the society involved in the show where the respective orchids were exhibited. This competition is only open to members of affiliated societies of OSNSW.

Previous Photo Competition Winners


  1. There are three divisions of the competition:
    • Hybrid Orchid of the Year
    • Species Orchid of the Year
    • Best Hybrid or Species Orchid of the Year exhibited by a Novice/Junior Grower.
  1. Entry Requirements
    The orchid must have been exhibited by a resident of New South Wales/ACT in a show organised by society affiliated with the Orchid Society of New South Wales.
    The ‘Grand Champion of the show’ at all local Society shows, may be entered into the competition by the Secretary of the society hosting the show, or the Secretary of the society exhibiting at a multi society show. i.e. If the Grand Champion of the Orchids Out West show is exhibited in the Bankstown Orchid Society display, then the Secretary of Bankstown O/S is the person who sends the nomination (photos and form) to the Secretary of OSNSW.
    Each champion orchid exhibited by a novice/junior grower is eligible for that division.
    Should the Grand Champion orchid be a hybrid, then the Champion species orchi dof the same show, will also be eligible for entry into the Species orchid of the year section. (and vice versa)
  1. The definition of Novice/Junior Grower is according to the 'rules' for the society nominating the orchid.

  2. The competition is open from 1st July to 30th June of each year. This means that the Grand Champion must have been selected prior to 30th June (even if your show is still in progress).

  3. The Secretary of OSNSW will accept entries until 10th July of each year either electronically or in hard copy form, providing the date of show judging is before June 30th. (See point 2)
    Entries are to be made by forwarding the required digital photographs which must be taken within 2 days of the show judging, and must be sent to the OSNSW Secretary as separate files (not imbedded into the word document) either by email to the Secretary, at or on CD/DVD to: The Secretary, Orchid Society of NSW, PO Box 5396, Chullora NSW 2190, together with an entry form.

  4. The required digital photographs are:
    • Single flower, front, side and back.
    • Inflorescence
    • Entire plant
  1. Winners will be selected by a panel of at least five AOC registered judges.
  1. Prior to judging, the identification of  the owners of the plants entered will be confidential to the Secretary.
  1. The winner of each division will receive a prize of $300. The societies which staged the show where the respective plants won their champion or best in show, or where there is more than one society involved in the show, the society display in which the plant is exhibited, will receive a prize of $100.
    N.B. Should the winning plant from any of the three categories be entered (photographed) during one of the 'major' shows, and displayed in the Friends of OSNSW display, then the $100.00 nominating society prize money will be divided between the host societies of that show. e.g. If one of the OSNSW committee should win the Affiliated Hybrid of the Year competition with a plant entered in the OSNSW display at OOW, then the $100.00 society prize will be split between Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Blacktown societies and not to OSNSW.

Entry Form (N.B. When you download the Entry form and if you are asked for a password just press cancel.)



27 Sept 2017