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Monthly Benching February 2016

  • Rntda. Hew Mun 'Korat's Best'
Hybrid Plant of the Night owned by L&G Bromley
  • Rntda. Hew Mun 'Korat's Best'
  • Aer. lawrenceaeSpecies Plant of the Night owned by PYeung and J Keenan
  • Aer. lawrenceae
  • Blc. Dal's Girl 'Arial'
  • C. Pink Delight
  • C. unknown 'Spotted Blooms'
  • Otr. Hawaiian Queen 'Bette'
  • Blc. Mem Henry Rudulph 'Miyas Visit'
  • Pot. Lisa Taylor Gillis 'Nora'
  • C. Caudebec Candy 'Lilly'
  • Rly Swan's Sky
  • Paph. Victoria Maria var. moquettianum
  • C. Mark Jones x Exoctic's Plum Leopard
  • Blc. Waianae Leopard x Slc. Jungle Treasure
  • Dtps. Unimax 'Kata'
  • Ascda Vernon Kebodeaux 'Nopporn'
  • Dgmra. Flying High 'Stars & Bars'
  • Ctsm. Cape of Island
  • Ctsm. Expansum 'Red #1' x pileatum 'Imperial Pierre Court'
  • C. intermeida f. orlata
  • C. loddigesii
  • Paph. sukhakuliiHybrid Plant of the Night owned by L&G Bromley
  • Den. bractiosum
  • Den. lithocola x self
  • Bif. aureofulva
  • Bulb. maximum
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5 March 2016