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Meritorious Service Medals

Some years ago the Orchid Society of NSW Executive decided to cast a medal designed to acknowledge extraordinary service to the orchid community. The medal was crafted as an extension of the Orchid Society of NSW logo and badge with an extra ring around the outside inscribed Meritorious Service Award.

The medals are available for all Affiliated Societies of OSNSW at a maximum of one (1) per calendar year.

Medals are requested by contacting the Secretary by mail: PO Box 5396 Chullora 2190, email or telephone: 9029 2305. Information required for OSNSW records will be the name of the intended recipient and a name and address for the delivery of the medal.

The Executive of the Orchid Society of NSW ask you to be mindful of the number of medals you award, and advise that they should be used to acknowledge workers/members who give extraordinary service to their society over many years.

By awarding only to the most deserving members, we ensure that the recipients of our prestigious Meritorious Service Medals continue to be given the honour and respect that they so rightly deserve.


List of Affiliated Societies Recipients of Meritorous Service Medals


  • Shoalhaven O/S (Brian Phelan) January
  • Albury-Wodonga O/S (Jenny Kilo) July
  • Campbelltown O/S (Neil Chiddy) July
  • Mingara O/S (Steve Dunstan) July
  • Gosford O/S (Jim Stephenson) July
  • Eurobodalla O/S (Tony Groube) August
  • Woodburn O/S (Betty Frame) August
  • Boolaroo O/S (Judy Young) September
  • Eastwood District Orchid Circle (Vince Agostino) September
  • Cumberland OC (Yvonne Villien) September
  • Blue Mountains & Penrith O/S (Neil Minter) October
  • Blacktown City O/S (Vicky Lee) October
  • Maclean District O/S (Albert Irons) October
  • Newcastle O/S (Margaret Brassington) October
  • Central Coast-Hunter Cym. Soc (Val Wilcock) November
  • Manly Warringah O/S (Pam Lynne) November
  • Ballina and Dist. (Susie Blake '15) Marie Harrison '16) November


  • Wagga Wagga (Marie Engelbrecht) Feb
  • Hawkesbury Dist O/S (Warwick Sinfield) Feb
  • Albury-Wodonga O/S (Len Field) May
  • Bellinger Valley O/S (Doreen Braithwaite) June
  • Woodburn O/S (Marie Ryan) Aug
  • Eastwood District Orchid Circle (Gary McNeil) October
  • Boolaroo O/S (Aileen Scott) October
  • Eurobodalla O/S (Gordon Marion) November
  • Central Coast-Hunter Cymbidium Soc (Kevin Deaves) November
  • OSNSW (Alan Stepheson) November
  • Five Dock O/S (Jane D'Olier) November
  • Blacktown District O/S (Lorraine Swain) November
  • Newcastle O/S (John Emergy) November
  • Blue Mountains & Penrith O/S (Craig Scott-Harden) November


  • Albury-Wodonga O/S (Steven Sang) July
  • Woodburn O/S (Dione Garwell) August
  • Eurobodalla O/S (Sue Caroll) September
  • Boolaroo O/S (Ron Young) October
  • Blacktown District O/S (Joe Gafa) October
  • Eastwood District O/S (Phyl Murn) October
  • Hunter Region Species (Graeme Talbot) October
  • Newcastle O/S (Wal Ford) October
  • Bankstown O/S (Stephen Lee) November
  • Mingara O/S (Ian Slade) November
  • Hunter Region C/S (Ron Morris) November
  • Blue Mts & Penrith Districts O/S (Jan Barrett) November


  • Hunter Newcastle Species Soc (Par Talbot) November
  • Newcastle O/S (Sandra Malloy) November
  • Shoalhaven O/S (Stuart Crowther) December
  • Sutherland Shire O/S (Louise Gannon) December
  • OSNSW (Veronica Clowes) January
  • Albury/Wodonga (Dione Garwell) February
  • Canberra O/S (Bill Ferris) May
  • Eastwood Orchid Circle (Neville Ashby) July
  • Woodburn O/S ( Jocelyn Grant) July
  • Sapphire Coast O/S (John Tanner) July
  • Five Dock O/S (Sam Sleeman & Joan Prentice) August
  • Cumberland O/S (Edith Davis) September
  • Hawkesbury Dist O/S (Peter Stubbs) October
  • Manly Warringah O/S (Cary Polis) October
  • Newcastle O/S (Pauline Scanlon) November
  • Southern Riviera O/S (Chris Peterson) November


  • Shoalhaven O/S (Martin Montebello) January
  • Blacktown City O/S (George Serhan) April
  • Eastwood Orchid Circle (Frank Chavier) April
  • Canberra O/S (Ben Walcott) May
  • Maclean Dist O/S July
  • Wagga Wagga O/S (Ann Adams) July
  • Boolaroo O/S (Phil/Sandra Radford) July
  • Eurobodalla O/S (Jean Swindley) August
  • Mingara O/Club(Denis & Anne Nuttall) August
  • Albury/Wodonga O/S August
  • Camden Haven O/S (Mal Myers) September
  • Manly Warringah O/S (Ray Schuback) October
  • Blue Mountains & Penrith Distict O/S (Ray Barrett) October
  • S.P.E.C.I.E.S. (NSW) (Bev DeBrincat) November
  • Woodburn O/S (Bob May) November
  • Newcastle O/S (Sandra Malloy) November


  • OSNSW (Val Houley) July
  • Woodburn O/S August
  • Blue Mountains and Penrith O/S (Neville Taylor) September
  • Boolaroo O/S (Donna Trainor) September
  • Eastwood District Orchid Circle (Marie Bradd) September
  • Albury-Wodonga Dist O/C (John Astley) September
  • Eurobodalla O/S (Deidre Girdler) October
  • Manly-Warringah O/S (Helen Corderoy) October
  • Hawkesbury O/S November
  • Newcastle O/S (Laurie Harvey) December


  • Campbelltown and Dist O/S (Carol Asquith) January
  • Albury/Wodonga O/C (Rob Montieth) February
  • Woodburn O/S April
  • Ballina O/S April
  • Wagga Wagga O/S April
  • Blacktown O/S ( Lesley Appleyard, Janet Moran) May
  • Boolaroo and Dist. O/S ( Bruce Stevenson) August
  • Maitland & Coalfields O/S (Sue McNaughton) September
  • Blue Mountains and Penrith O/S (John Daley) October
  • Eurobodalla O/C (Gloria Gustard) October
  • Shoalhaven O/S (Lynne Phelan) November
  • Leisure Coast O/S (John Apperley) November
  • Manly Warringah O/S (Jeanette Frazer) November
  • Hunter region species O/S (Richard Hall) November
  • Newcastle O/S (Margaret Emery) November
  • Fairfield Dist. O/S (Lydia Hope) November


  • Eurobodalla O/S (Tom Kelly) January
  • Campbelltown O/S (Dick Schlegel) February
  • Five Dock O/S (Julia Bambery) July
  • Eastwood Dist O/S (Jack McEnearney) August
  • Sapphire Coast Orchid Club(Joy Richardson & John Stubbs) October
  • Blue Mountains & Penrith District O/S (John Crane) November
  • Central Coast/Hunter Reg. Cym/S (Brian Jacob) November
  • Hawkesbury Dist O/S (Sue Cameron) November
  • Newcastle O/S (S&K Hilton) November
  • OSNSW (Vic Miscamble) November
  • Nth. Shore O/S (Trish Peterson & Bryce Barton) November
  • Eastern Suburbs O/S (Mick & Toni Benton) November
  • Eurobodalla O/S (Gerry Smith) December
  • Fairfield O/S (Wal Lachmund) December


  • Eurobodalla Orchid Club January
  • Manly Warringah O/S February
  • Gosford and District O/SMarch
  • OSNSW July
  • Woodburn O/S August
  • Maitland and Coalfields O/S (2 medals) August
  • Western Subs O/S (Ruth Mitchell) August
  • Hawkesbury District O/S (G Larkham) September
  • Boolaroo O/S (Andy Paterson) September
  • Ku-Ring-Gai O/S (A May) September
  • Albury-Wodonga O/S September
  • South Coast Orchid Society September
  • Shoalhaven O/S (07/08 2 medals) October
  • Blue Mountains & Penrith District O/S (Joyce Stone) November
  • Sapphire Coast O/S (Humphries) November
  • Eastwood Orchid Society (B Williams) November
  • Fairfield District O/S (Maria Brutto) November
  • Central Coast & Lakes Dist O/S (Gary Kuhn) November
  • Manly Warringah O/S (Ralph Lumby) November
  • ANOS Warringah Group (M. Korzonowski) November
  • Newcastle O/S (John Emery) November
  • Nth Shore O/S (Bruck Travers) November
  • Leisure Coast O/S (Sue Smerezanski) December



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