• Orchid Mania Flask List December 2017
    I have attached the latest flask list from Tropical Exotique.  If there is enough interest in this listing we will get a shipment in (otherwise next shipment will be Feb 2018) -  orders need to be in by 22 November as the shipment would be arriving first week of December so that we can forward flasks before the Christmas rush.  Discount of 10% for 20+ flasks and 15% for 30+ flasks. Express post is 1 flask $18, 2 flasks $22 and 3-6 flasks $30.
    Joanne Ph 0427865618
  • Sam Tsui Latest Flask List for February Delivery
    Flasks will be available for pickup in Sydney/Brisbane.   More pickup details will be available later.
    What is new on this flask list?  You will be very excited about the species we have available specially as some have not been on our list for a long time.  We now probably have the best and latest Paph. rothschildianum and their hybrids breeding.  Our Paph. rothschildianum breeding represent the best in both the US and in Japan.  The US breeding have the size and colour with flowers over 7cm dorsal, 2cm petal and 30cm NS. A few of them have bloomed with 6 flowers!  While the Japanese breeding has the best colour and form.  As usual, we will offer a discount as listed on the flask list except NET price items.  However the cost of brokering, customs, inspection and packaging has risen in the last several years.  I will have to continue to charge 5% surcharge (after discount) to offset the cost.  For the orders that we have to ship, we will charge the shipping at cost.   The order deadline will be Sunday, January 7th 2018. 
  • Urgent Sale: Tony and Brianna Bradley is selling Orchid Care Services with all stock included, i.e. composts, Orchiata bark, fertiliser, bags, fertiliser containers, new unused bag sealing machine and delivery van. The current client list will be included for the price of $20,000 which is negotiable. Please contact Tony on 0422592753.
  • The Genus Paphiopedilum (2nd Edition) Read more ...



10 Nov 2017