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Awarded Orchids - 2012 Page 5

Date Name Owner Points NSW Number Award
24.08.12 Coel. Unchained Melody 'The Bellinger' Norm & Kay Mitchell 78 2520 Award of Cultural Commendation

Coel. Unchained Melody 'The Bellinger'

24.08.12 Em. cathcartii 'Zoe' Peter Taylor N/A 2521 Certificate of Botanical Merit

Coel. Unchained Melody 'The Bellinger'

24.08.12 C. Mari's Beat 'Lipstick' Bill & Jenny Lennon 78.5 2522 Highly Commended Certificate

C. Mari's Beat 'Lipstick'

08.08.12 Srgt. ventricosa 'Torch' Jim Brydie N/A 2523 Certificate of Botanical Merit

Srgt. ventricosa 'Torch'

08.08.12 Den. tapiniense 'VC' Veronica Clowes 81 2524 Award of Merit
Den. tapiniense 'VC'
24.08.12 Rth. Dal's Elite 'B&J' Bill & Jenny Lennon 80.5 2525 Award of Merit

Rth. Dal's Elite 'B&J'

12.08.12 Lyc. Cowarra's Luck 'Jo' Paul Sloan 79.5 2526 Highly Commended Certificate
Lyc. Cowarra's Luck 'Jo'
16.08.12 Den. Avril's Gold 'Jamie' Peter Gibson   2527 Award of Merit
Den. Avril's Gold 'Jamie'
16.08.12 Cym. Lancashire Khan 'Debonair' Ian Hobson 78 2528 Highly Commended Certificate
Cym. Lancashire Khan 'Debonair'
02.08.12 Den. Martin 'Gold' Brian Gerhard 79.5 2529 Highly Commended Certificate
Den. Martin 'Gold'
16.08.12 Masd. Mary Staal 'Laurie Jeannie' Ray Olstan 78 2530 Highly Commended Certificate
Masd. Mary Staal 'Laurie Jeannie'
16.08.12 Den. Hot Coals 'Cheryl' Henk van den Berg 76.5/80 2531/2531 Highly Commended Certificate/Award of Distinction
Den. Hot Coals 'Cheryl'


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