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List of Available Guest Speakers

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Name Topic Requirements
Garrie Bromley
  • Cattleya
  • Ecuadorian Oddessy
  • Hawaii Revisited
  • World Orchid Conference 2005 Dijon
  • Port Macquarie AOC Conference 2006
  • Wildflowers of Western Australia
Scott Barrie
  • Commercial Cymbidiums by Barrita
  • Growing Sarcochilus at Barrita Orchids
  • Barrita style Phalaneopsis
  • Growing Varicosum Oncidiums
  • Cymbidium plant maintenance
Ian Chalmers
  • Judging
  • Water Issues
  • Orchids in South America
  • Orchids in China
  • Chelsea and orchids in London
  • 'Don't change your Orchid's names when scientists change their minds'
Ken Siew
  • Cattleya species
  • Paphiopedilum species
  • Paphiopedilum hybrids
  • Masdevallia species
  • Pleurothallid species
  • The Oncidiinae Alliance
  • Creating orchid environments
  • Setting up displays
  • Judging of orchids
  • Flasking and deflasking of orchids
  • Hybrids and hybridising orchids - Doing, Picking and Choosing
  • Orchids of the Andes
  • Orchid travels through South America 1991-2005
  • An Introduction to Orchid Photography
Graeme and Craig Scott-Harden
  • Catesetums
Irene Bodell
  • 1981 to 2011 Ira Butler Trophy winners
  • Also Irene will show Affiliated Societies Competition and Awarded Orchids. OSNSW will post a disc of the Affiliated Societies Competition to Societies but please inform Irene what format your society requires, e.g. Powerpoint or pictures that would run on a TV.



29 July 2014