Den. Gowan's Tangello 'Vivid Orange'




  • Australian Orchid Council Minutes 2016

Minutes of the Australian Orchid Council 2016 Annual General Meeting and Minutes of the Board of Management Meeting, which have been approved by the Board of Management, with two exceptions which are detailed below.

    1. In the BOM, section 10.1 an Assistant Treasurer was appointed (to reduce the workload of the Treasurer).  However, it was noted by one Board Member that the AOC By-laws states in section 20.c.2. that:
      “The Finance Standing Committee shall comprise the Honorary Treasurer, the Publications Director together with three additional members with relevant financial and club management expertise.”
      Since there are already three additional members, it has been suggested that the discrepancy be corrected by changing “three additional members” to “a maximum of four additional members”.
      This can be done by emails between Board Members.
    2. The topic of the Spanish book of hand-painted orchid pictures was inadvertently overlooked in the Board of Management meeting in the “Business arising from the 2015 Minutes” section (see 2015 BOM Minutes page 7, section 11.3). The President, Jim Shaughnessy contacted four possible booksellers within Australia (some referred by other sellers), but none of them was willing to purchase the book; one gave a valuation of $350-$400, sight unseen.

Thea Shaughnessy, AOC Secretary

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